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Christar International's Efforts Highlighted on World Refugee Day by European Commission

June 20, 2020 is World Refugee Day and in commemoration, Christar International is being showcased by the European Commission across the continent for their work and efforts using the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals to help integrate refugees and other third country nationals into their labor market. This press release highlights Christar International's efforts to integrate refugees and migrants into the labor market.

"In the Spanish area of Malaga, Christar International and several other civil society organisations have been using the Skills Profile Tool since the beginning of 2019. Student interns interviewed and assisted newly arrived migrants to undertake skills profiling with the help of the tool. These profiles are added to a skills database available to employers at local and regional levels. This resulted in several successful matches on the labour market.

Furthermore and in response to the COVID-19 crisis, a number of civil society organisations are implementing job creation platforms to support the re-integration of refugees and other migrants in Malaga. They are incorporating the EU Skills Profile Tool in these platforms."

Find out more about the EU Skills Profile Tool

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