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Christar International with BIC Euronova to Help Bring ESER 2020 Project To Malaga For 2nd Year

Building on last year's successful ESER (European Social Economy Regions ) DG Grow 2019 Event, Christar International, in collaboration with BIC Euronova, will once again help bring ESER 2020 to Malaga this fall. "The goal is to make regional and local economies visible while the EC will offer support to the regional authorities by organizing awareness-raising events." The one-day event will focus on solutions for refugee and immigrant employment, as well as creating new innovative ideas and solutions. The 2020 Event will include "a half day workshop to bring European incubators, NGOs, governments and charity entities together and a half day pre-hackathon approach where it will partner with the EC’s H2020 Project easyRights, currently underway."

For more information on this exciting new project, click here to read more.

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