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Covid-19 Relief Fund Project

The Christar International Network is creating a relief fund to help support projects proposed by Christar workers around the world as they carry out or are connected to local partnerships who are providing COVID-19 relief in the short-term and other crisis relief, rehabilitation and development needs that may arise in the future.

The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has created a huge need for relief work in many of the locations where we have workers. We have also seen that smaller crisis events happen on a regular basis and having funding at the ready will help us to be able to be more proactive in responding to these events for relief, rehabilitation and development work.

Many communities where we have workers have massive relief needs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other localized crisis. We hope to enable our workers and the body of Christ in places where we have workers to provide relief at this time of need and into the future with the expectation that this practical expression of compassion will give our workers, local churches and other partner organizations opportunities for sharing the Gospel and creating Scripture engagement in their communities.

If you would like to be a part of the solution to help with these relief efforts being made as a result of COVID-19, your financial contribution will have a huge impact as you support projects globally that specifically address these relief needs.

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