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Director of BIC Euronova puts a spotlight on the social economy, a new sector for Malaga.

An article by El Sol Digital showcases the change BIC Euronova and Christar is making in Malaga and beyond regarding social issues. The Director of BIC Euronova, Alvaro Simon de Blas, was recently invited to participate with the European Social Economy Regions (ESER), a group which resembles a Think Tank, involving various organizations, public and European regions, to discuss the definition, size and future projection of what has come to be called Social Economy.

At the European level, the social economy yields spectacular figures. More than 19.1 million jobs and more than 8.2 million participating volunteers. The social economy includes support for social solidarity and the fight against poverty.

Within BIC Euronova in Malaga, a social economy laboratory aimed at the integration of the migrant collective is being developed, through the training and guidance in the creation of their own company, all in collaboration with

the NGO Christar based incubator. To implement their ideas, the European Programme, with their Social Challenges platform, has funded this activity and the philanthropic funds of large financial institution JP Morgan, through its social fund. The goal is to extend the project model, known as the Malaga Start-Up Academy, to other cities where the migrant collective is important.

The concept of social innovation is going to become more and more widespread and will be part of one of the Union's strategies for the Horizon Europe 2020-2027 framework program, which is currently being designed by the United States members. Malaga is already being positioned, at European level in social innovation activities than can contribute to the economy and the development of green solutions and align with sustainable development goals.

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