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easyRights Newsletter Spotlights Progress Behind Collaborative Project

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

easyRights has recently released their first newsletter showcasing the collaborative efforts behind the project that helps immigrants know their rights using AI technology. Christar International, along with 13 other partners across Europe, is effectively recognizing the challenges faced by immigrants and how this project will positively impact the four pilot cities involved, with the goal of reproducing the technology in many other cities. The brochure below summarizes the mission behind easyRights project, along with the technology that will be tested in four cities, including Malaga, Spain.

Enabling (Im)migrants 

to easily know

and exercise their rights 

"easyRights is an innovation project designed to combine co-creation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to make it easier for (im)migrants to understand and access the services they are entitled to. This will be done with the help of the easyRights Pathway Assistant, an intelligent app designed to help migrants easily access services by cutting through public service bureaucracy to only extract the exact information and forms (im)migrants need."

More excerpts from their newsletter include the challenges the four pilot cities face and how the easyRights project will address them:

easyRights will trial its approach by focusing on a range of different (im)migrant needs in the cities of  (1) Birmingham, UK;  (2) Larissa, Greece; (3) Malaga, Spain, and (4) Palermo, Italy.


Challenge Currently, there are few joined-up or digital resource available to (im)migrants in Birmingham. Newly arrived people are reliant on members of their own community to explain access to local services. easyRights Service Focus

  1. Supporting migrants to check if their vehicle is complaint for the Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

  2. The rights of migrants/hard to reach communities to participate in public consultation

  3. Step by step guide to register and complete an online assessment tool to access learning English


Challenge The lack of digitalization remains a challenge for the city of Larissa which is complicating the life of (im)migrants as access to applications is very complex. Digitalization will increase the efficiency of the service provisions. easyRights Service Focus

  1. Certification of nationality

  2. Certification of residence


Challenge Employers are reluctant to hire (im)migrants, implying exit from social exclusion in the short and medium-term. In this context “Information for Applicants of International Protection” is supplied in Spanish while the document “Rights to Asylum and Subsidiary Protection” is also available online in English.  easyRights Service Focus

  1. Asylum-seeking

  2. Guide to employment 


Challenge The lack of a clear integration process for migrants and new adults, through access to documents (identity card and legal permission of stay) and access to local employment opportunities makes it difficult for (im)migrants to obtain identity cards and legal permission of stay. Access to the job market is made difficult by the complexity of the procedure and the lack of knowledge of their own skills. easyRights Service Focus

  1. Registration to the Registry Office

  2. Job seeking and orientation


easyRights acknowledges that many immigrants are exposed to very strong criticalities in the COVID-19 emergency; therefore, the consortium is closely following the impact this virus is having on (im)migrants.

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