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Malaga to Benefit from Project Focused on Immigrants and Refugees

Malaga has been receiving double the number of immigrants and refugees seeking asylum over the last year, which raises concerns for their rights, and also focuses on finding solutions to the problems that have arisen. Christar International, in collaboration with BIC Euronova, have been partnering with multiple organizations to come up with a solution through the easyRights project.

From this project are 3 outcomes that will benefit the city of Malaga:

  1. Better immigration and smoother integration of immigrants and refugees

  2. Correct and unified information being disseminated by NGOs

  3. Employers having access to the skills of the immigrants and refugees that are arriving in Malaga

Christar International and BIC Euronova are excited to bring the hackathon here this fall in order to engage the community and collaborate on this durable solution.

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