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Malaga Workshop's Joint Efforts Bring Positive Changes

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

On 25 February, Christar International, in collaboration with easyRights, BIC Euronova, and the Service Design Lab AAU, hosted a workshop in Malaga to bring together migrants and refugees, along with local organizations and experts experts to work together to improve on a wiki tool design to help the immigration process by making access to information on the asylum application and job seeking processes easier for migrants in the city of Malaga.

Those who attended the workshop were divided into smaller groups to assess the current tool and find areas of improvement. They were encouraged to make changes and edits to the tool together. The workshop proved a success as minds from different backgrounds and areas of expertise collaborated together. This tool will continue to improve with adjustments and changes in order to provide a better response for migrants and refugees seeking jobs and asylum.

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